Develop and Manage Resources (PMI – PMP)

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The Develop and Manage Resources (PMI – PMP) is course 18 of 28 of the Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP).

Ask anyone who has worked in a project environment and they will tell you that team dynamics can make or break a project. A positive, constructive atmosphere can keep team members motivated and productive, while a negative atmosphere can have the opposite effect.

Developing and managing effective teams is one of the primary responsibilities of a project manager. And controlling resources throughout the project lifecycle ensures that everything stays on track. In this course, we’ll explore the develop team, manage team, and control resources project management processes.

1. Inputs to Develop Team
2. Tools and Techniques of Develop Team
3. Team Building
4. Using Recognition and Rewards
5. Outputs of Develop Team
6. Inputs to Manage Team
7. Tools and Techniques for Manage Team
8. Using Interpersonal Skills to Manage the Team
9. Motivation Theories (1)
10. Motivation Theories (2)
11. Outputs of Manage Team
12. Inputs to Control Resources
13. Effective Techniques for Controlling Resources
14. Outputs of the Control Resources Process
15. Exercise: Developing and Managing Project Resources

That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button, and see you on the inside!

Instructors: Sorin Dumitrascu

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