Designing games and programming for children and beginners

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Scratch Programming

In this course we will learn how to write code or code using a brilliant idea presented by “Scratch” program, which is based on representing the instructions that make up any program “blocks” intertwined with each other, to make it look like a game, but it is not so, where you can design games and applications Helpful.
Through the “Scratch” program, we will learn many basic concepts in programming, such as conditional structures, loops, functions, procedures, and many other concepts necessary to start with any programming language, while hiding the complexities behind beautiful characters, movements and fun effects.

The course is designed to be fun and entertaining and at the same time we learn a lot of basic concepts in programming, where we will first learn the commands available in the program “Scratch” and how we create through them characters and shapes animated and add exciting effects on them so we employ that in the work of useful programs such as drawing programs And the calculation, or in the design of real games that are similar to many of the famous games that we know with the addition of our special touches on them, such as game of fishing or hunting birds or maze game or rebound balls or even games that depend on the sensitivity of images taken from the laptop camera and their processing, and many many more Useful and fun applications.

This course is designed for
1- Children from six years old and above.
2- Beginners in the world of programming regardless of age.
3- Those looking for developing their children’s skills and abilities in a fun and interesting way.

Instructors: Haytham Ainia

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