Course intensive Facebook ads in Arabic from the beginning to professional part 1

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  • The international lecturer, Dr. Marwan Othman, introduces you in this first part of the Marketing and Advertising Course on Facebook System in Arabic, from the beginning of creating a Facebook Business Page, qualifying the page, and doing special procedures to start publishing it and getting to know the free page auctions.

  • The course contains a detailed explanation of the targets, all advertising campaigns, and auctions for each campaign from within the Ads Manager for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

  • This course is designed to teach funded ads from start to advanced professional level

  • This course is used by marketing and advertising specialists, housewives and freelancers, corporate marketing managers and business owners such as doctors, pharmacists and company owners

  • After completing watching the course, the student can professionally implement the advertising campaigns inside the Facebook system, choose the appropriate campaigns for the business, set the budget, and enter the auctions and advertising competitions professionally.

  • To purchase the second part of the course, contact us through our Facebook page @MarwanOsmanMarketing

Instructors: Marwan Osman

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