C # Series Programmer – part 5

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In this course, I’ll show you
everything you need to know about Generic types in C #, and maybe even a little more.

Chapter. 1)
I will show you the basic rules you should know about Generic types,
explain why they exist and what types of problems they solve.

Chapter. 2)
Then we delve into generic types from the perspective of someone
who must write generic types. We will also start using and writing generic interfaces.

Chapter. 3)
Then we’ll deal with the use of general type parameters
to generate individual code blocks.
That means we’ll look at methods, generic delegates,
and also look at lambda expressions,
extension methods
events and event handling procedures,
all of which can use general type parameters,
so that you can write reusable code blocks.

Chapter. 4)
Next, we’ll look at strategies you can use,
to add restrictions to general type parameters.

Chapter. 5)
Then we will create interesting code with genetic types.
I will show you how to use generic types when writing code that uses reflection.
We will build our own version of the container injecting dependencies which will be extremely educational.
And our container, which we will build, will of course require general parameters.

I invite you to the course and have fun.

C # Programmer series:

part 1: C # Fundamentals of programming
part 2: C # Fundamentals of object-oriented programming in C #
part 3: C # Best Practices – Basics of language
Part 4: Introduction to the C # collection
Part 5: C # Generics

Source code available on github:
mariuszjurczenko / Generics

Instructors: Mariusz Jurczenko

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