Business Analysis Competencies: Professional Effectiveness

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The Business Analysis Competencies: Professional Effectiveness (IIBA – ECBA) is the 13th course of the Business Analysis Certification Program which includes a total of 14 courses. This course is the second of the series on business analysis competencies.

This course covers behavioral characteristics such as personal accountability, trustworthiness, adaptability, and organization and time management. We’ll also look at various areas of business knowledge that are important to business analysis. Finally, we’ll talk about some of the tools and technology that business analysts use on the job.

Behavioral Characteristics

1. Ethical Behavior
2. Personal Accountability
3. Trustworthiness
4. Adaptability
5. Organization and Time Management
6. Exercise: Behavioral Core Competencies

Business Knowledge

1. Business Acumen
2. Industry Knowledge
3. Organization, Methodology, and Solution Knowledge
4. Exercise: Business Knowledge Competencies

Tools and Technology Competencies

1. Office Productivity Tools and Technology
2. Business Analysis Tools and Technology
3. Communication Tools and Technology
4. Exercise: Using BA Tools and Technologies

You can use this course to improve your business analysis knowledge and abilities and to obtain the certifications provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

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Instructors: Sorin Dumitrascu

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