Business Analysis and Requirements Life Cycle Management

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The Business Analysis and Requirements Life Cycle Management ourse is aligned with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Guide (BABOK3), and in this course we’re going to begin looking at the business analysis knowledge area Requirements Life Cycle Management.

Requirements are the foundation of all your business analysis activities. If the objective of a project is to deliver solutions that best meet requirements, then you’d best keep a close eye on those requirements and the designs that address them.

So let’s look at what your role is in tracing and maintaining requirements and designs.

Introduction to Requirements Life Cycle

1. Requirements Life Cycle Management

2. Requirements Management and the BACCM TM

3. Exercise: Understanding Requirements Management

Trace Requirements

1. Requirements and Traceability

2. Trace Requirements: Inputs and Elements

3. Trace Requirements: Guidelines and Techniques

4. Trace Requirements: Stakeholders and Outputs

5. Exercise: Trace Requirements

Maintain and Prioritize Requirements

1. Maintain Requirements: Elements and Guidelines

2. Maintain Requirements: Techniques and Stakeholders

3. Prioritize Requirements: Inputs and Elements

4. Prioritize Requirements: Guidelines and Techniques

5. Prioritize Requirements: Stakeholders and Outputs

6. Exercise: Maintain and Prioritize Requirements

Assess Changes and Approve Requirements

1. Assess Requirements Changes: Inputs and Elements

2. Assess Requirements Changes: Guidelines and Techniques

3. Assess Requirements Changes: Stakeholders and Outputs

4. Approve Requirements: Inputs and Elements

5. Approve Requirements: Guidelines and Techniques

6. Exercise: Assess and Approve Requirements

You can use this course to improve your business analysis knowledge and abilities and to obtain the certifications provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

This course is part of the Business Analysis Certification Program which includes 14 courses. That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button and see you on the inside!

Instructors: Sorin Dumitrascu

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