Build Furniture E-commerce Website Using HMTL & CSS

Do you want to work on real-world projects?

Do you want to make a great e-commerce site?

In this course, I’m going to show you how to make a furniture e-commerce store with HTML and CSS.

You will learn how to make a furniture e-commerce site with HTML and CSS.

Step-by-step instructions will also be given to you so that you can fully understand and everything. I’ll start by organizing the project, then I’ll move on to the user interface, and then I’ll show you how to finish the project.

In addition, you will be taught important design concepts, such as responsive web design, to make sure you can build websites that look great and draw customers to them. Being able to make websites that look great will help you in many ways. This is the first thing that you will be able to do: work as a web designer. This is one of the most well-paid jobs today. Another thing: You’ll be able to create some of the best sites in the world.

It’s important to know a little bit about CSS and HTML before taking this course.

Covered in this course:

  1. How to set up your project.
  2. How to use Bootstrap.
  3. Learn how to make your code run faster.
  4. How to make the UI easy to use.
  5. This video shows how to divide the page into sections.
  6. How to make a navigation bar that works on all kinds of things.
  7. Learn how to make a page for products.
  8. How to make a shopping cart page.
  9. Learn h to build a checkout page.
  10. To figure out how to choose colors and fonts that go with your project.
  11. How to make your website work well on all kinds of phones and tablets.
  12. In this video, I show you some advanced CSS tips and tricks.
  13. How to make your website images fit perfectly with your style.
  14. Many, many more things…

I hope you have a great time at school.

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