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* The complete training on Bootstrap 4 in French! *

You want to win time by learning a CSS framework?

In this training you will learn to master the most known CSS frameworks, Bootstrap !

This technology save you a lot of time when you want to quickly create a quality site, and time is crucial for a developer!

You want to do Responsive (site adapted to all screens) and make you see well by Google to have your sites in top of Research?

Bootstrap is made forr that ! With his system responsive grid, you will be able to place your elements where you want in your Web page. It is also one of the most used on the web and many other frameworks are just one declination of the Bootstrap system.

How to reduce the size of the files on your site?

This Framework is light and it allows, with its class system, to reduce so drastic the size of your files CSS. Your sites will be more fast, and again, best rated by Google.

Bootstrap with JavaScript frameworks?

After this training you will be able to use Bootstrap with React, Angular, Vue or even your favorite JavaScript Frameworks! That makes you win time and allows you to focus only on your JavaScript. You can just as easily use of Bootstrap templates that will eliminate the wound of having to always start from scratch with every project.

Is Bootstrap a Sought-After Skill in the Job Market?

The answer is obviously Yes ! Bootstrap is the leader in CSS frameworks and it is a quality line to add to your CV to obtain the job of your dreams.

In this training you go learn use Bootstrap, the most popular from the web.

You go :

  • Learn the Class System by Bootstrap

  • Learn to Make Widgets JavaScript such as a Carousel, images “Modal“, Etc…

  • Master the system Wire rack from Bootstrap, which is a pillar positioning of elements in the Web !

  • Create a 100% Site Responsive and Professional

  • Earn time on the creation of your Projects

  • Alleviate your CSS files

  • To be able to add a beautiful site to your Portfolio thanks to Project end of training

I am present everyday on Udemy, I assure you that I will answer all your questions in less than half a day.

What you will have access to by registering for this training:

  1. Lifetime access to all HD videos, you can learn at your own pace.

  2. A very responsive and present trainer (Me!), I don’t just create high added value training, I respond in less than half a day (except at Christmas 🙂 ).

  3. Reusable training modules. I created “Sandbox”, sort of large playgrounds to test all the features of Bootstrap, you will have access to them and be able to download them to use them as soon as you want to remember something that we learned together.

  4. We will create a real 100% responsive and professional site with Bootstrap, it will be yours, you can sell it or use it as a Template for your future projects.

So to join the hundreds of participants and start discovering Bootstrap now, register for this course now!

Instructors: Enzo Ustariz

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