Becoming an UltraLearner (Learning how to Learn)

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In the Course “Becoming an Ultralearner” you will Learn how to Learn (also called Meta Learning) with study skills and learning strategies based on research as well as the world’s top performers. This can boost your productivity and accelerate your path to life-long learning and personal development. This helps you to study by becoming a smarter & more successful student through Efficient Learning. Also when studying for your gmat this can be the perfect gmat prep.

The Main Focus is the “Bigger picture behind Learning”, but the course also includes Learning strategies and Study techniques to become a Superlearner such as:

  • Speed Reading

  • The Loci Method

  • Using your Emotions to remember better

  • Visualization

  • and many more

Increase your Focus, become a memory champion, remember more, unlock your full potential and become a productivity machine at University or work. I look forward to welcome you to this course!

Instructors: Jakob Manthei

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