Android Puzzle Game Using Godot Engine From Start to Finish

If you play Flood It!, you have to flood the whole game board with one color in fewer steps than allowed. Try to flood it in the fewest steps possible!

One million people have used the app on Google Play.

how this game is made? Beginning to End With the source code available in all of the parts.

This is a how-to guide.

You can find Flood-It! Apps on Google Play.

Also, learn how to make money with your game using Google Admob and start using it.

There are a lot of banner ads.

In this case, video ads.

AND Video Ads That Pay.

Let’s look at some of the reviews for this game first:

Want to move more? (5 STARS)

Wonder how ad mob stats could be?

I don’t mind having some extra ways to make money.

I was able to learn how to do this thanks to this well-written, step-by-step guide.

Godot engine and Google ad mobs now make money for me.

I have to say that this tutorial was a game changer because it brought in so many different sources of income.

In this case, Lir Soracia is the name of the person (5 STARS)

not ideal, but pretty good. I like that you can change the size of the boards. As well, dynamic boards must be nice to have as well. It’s also true that some of the color palettes don’t make me want to rip out my hair. A few new ones with mostly dark or neutral colors would be nice.

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