Advanced Materials For Electronics Packaging

Every day, thousands of new portable and light weight electronics devices are launched in the market, in industries such as consumer electronics, medical electronics, communication electronics, defense electronics, industrial electronics, and aerospace electronics. Electronics products suffer from excessive heat dissipation due to complicated circuit design and downsizing, lowering component/device life. Thermal management of all electrical items has so become critical. “Electronic packaging” plays a vital function in thermal control.

In this short course, you’ll learn about “advanced materials used in electronics packaging” very well.

This class is about???????

How do you package electronics?

Because we need to protect our electronics.

6 In electronics packaging, there is a lot of order.

3 Packaging variations.

7 different types of packaging arrangements and how they can be used.

Different types of materials to put on the ground.

How good is the FR4 board?

FR1 and FR4 are two different types of boards in terms of their properties:

materials to make electronic glass substrate and to use electronic glass in a project

Having a lot of experience with ceramic substrate materials

Velvet Tim is a technology.

Al-Si, Al-SiC, Cu-Diamond, Al-Diamond, Al-Diamond, Gold-Gold Interconnections (GGI), and Al-Graphite composite are some of the metal matrix composite materials.

How Carbon Nano Tube works (CNTS).

PCM materials.

The materials that protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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