Advance Sales Analytics for Decision Making with Power BI

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According to Mckinsey in their report on “Unlocking the Power of Data in Sales,” they have identified that over 53 % of the High Performing sales organizations are those who are effectively using their data analytical skills to boost sales. They have used techniques like cross-selling opportunities or new customer analytics during the process. And we will do exactly the same in this course.

The digital universe is expanding with the passage of every day and organizations or persons who have the ability to utilize data analytics skills will have a competitive advantage by responding to the business challenges more quickly, more rigorously, and more successfully than their competitors.

This course is a perfect one-stop-shop for those of you who like to peruse a career in data analytics, business analytics, or Financial analysis. You will acquire practical skills that will turn you into a highly skillful talent which will be invaluable for your future career. Get excited as you have come to the right place at the right time.

This is one of the few courses on this topic that will equip you for detailed insights into sales analytics where we will start from very basics like how to install Power BI getting data into Power BI, develop a relationship among tables. We look forward to having you on our course as we learn and explore the incredible power of Microsoft Power BI for:

  • Specialized Sales Analytics Insights

  • Product Insights, Customers Insights and Salespersons Insights

  • Prepare Sales Budgets

  • Artificial Intelligence of Power BI to extract insights

  • Specialized scenarios related to sales and their respective solutions in Power BI.

  • Discover real-life situations like cross-selling opportunities and new customer analytics

  • Basic to Advanced DAX calculations

  • Measure Branching

  • What if Parameter in Reports

  • Grouping Techniques

  • The virtual relationship among tables

  • Use of variables in DAX

  • Harness the real analytical power behind Power BI

  • Develop high-quality reporting solutions

  • Produce comprehensive insights that really create value

  • Using Custom visualizations and themes

The course material includes:

  • 45 video lectures of more than 4 hours

  • 10 PBIX (Power BI) files

  • 7 PDF lectures

  • 1 PDF file of all DAX functions

  • 2 specialized txt codes

  • 1 Dataset in excel

  • 1 JSON files

Who this course is for:

  • Business, finance and sales professionals who want to extract insights from sales data

  • Students who want to pressure career as data analytics, business or financial analyst

  • Excel users who want to learn how to create professional reports in Power BI related to sales.

Instructors: Muhammad Kashif

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