A Complete Guide for Influencer Marketing Techniques 2020

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In 21st Century where data mining | artificial intelligence | Analytics holds the key , the attempt to play the “Top Spot” game is a Rollercoaster ride.


By 2021 there will be more than 2 billion people buying goods and services through e-commerce shops , global eCommerce companies’ revenue is predicted to reach more than $6 trillion by 2022 , By 2023 90.8% of all purchases will be conducted on retail websites ,today there are more than 24 million eCommerce websites in 2020 . Same goes with service Industry or any kind of Program or digital products

Why Influencer Marketing!?

The most important benchmark for any business or portal to be at the top of the niche is Traffic | Conversions | Leads | Brand Awareness , and there are so many methods out there on the web that let us generate the traffic and in turn leads. Influencer marketing provides the optimization in traffic generation model and also it can take the brand to skyrocket the sales within hours. That’s actually a Power of trust | recommendation | authority.

What you will learn in this Course?

This course is curated by looking into the needs of brands , Startups and individuals  who are the prospects of future technologies and enterprise brands. We will learn about all the key methods that actually help us reduce our marketing cost and increase our ROI . We will learn about strategies that would be important while doing influencer marketing ‘split tests’ , we will be covering in detail how to create content for Influencer Marketing. We will also go deep into the methods of influencer marketing ,we will select influencer and learn how the whole process works. I would be disclosing all the platforms that essentially can be used to setup a campaign automatically and how we can optimize the results. We will learn about Instagram Influencer Marketing , how Instagram Shoutout method works? We will talk about Youtube Review methods as well along with one of the best Service Platform that is trending in Influencer Marketing. Content always considered to be the KING of campaign , we will crack the code of Content creation by learning a tool that let us design that we visualize in our head in such a brisk pace , We will be covering the ways to negotiate with influencer , Some of the techniques would help us understand the negotiation skill , communication methods and tools and techniques that help us in optimization of whole process.

Instructors: Fahad Iqbal

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