With my 20 years programming abilities i’m with you to impart my insight to you.


In the event that you attempt you will get the hang of utilizing WPF in C# to make C# Apps!

In the event that you are amateurs or understudy searching for an instructional exercise to make WPF App in C# in least difficult way!

I began from starting and tell you the best way to :

Begin making WPF extends in C#

Redo the Visual Studio IDE

Become familiar with the structure of XAML

Utilizing WPF Window and it’s Common properties

Change the size and shade of Window

Change the font,border and title of Window

Utilizing Button,Label,TextBox and ComboBox

Utilizing Grid and it’s properties

Change the font,border and title and … of controls

MDI and SDI ventures

Advance WPF App configuration including: Tab order,group controls,aligning,layers and …

Task 1: Design App settings structure

what’s more,

Try not to spare a moment to begin learning WPF in C#!

Everything will be talked about with test undertaking and you will have some good times inside my course.

State Hi WPF in C# world and we should go !!!

Who this course is for:

Any one who needs to make WPF Application and Want to leave Windows structure!

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