[100%OFF]Procreate 5 – Drawing/Painting on the iPad (2020 release)




The Procreate 5 app on the iPad is an ideal choice for digital art creation like sketchingdrawingpainting, making illustrations, or any kinds of design materials. This Procreate 5 course will teach you how to get familiar with the powerful tools of Procreate as quickly as possible using a practical approach of learning.


First we’re going through the user interface of Procreate and learn the basics that you need to know about Procreate 5 on the iPad to start creating your own artworks. Then we’re going to make a real life art project creating an imaginary children book cover. In the second design project we’re going to create a low-poly bird composition. In a small animation project we discover the Animation Assist Tool. During these projects you’ll get to know many features of Procreate 5.

Procreate has so many features and settings by now that it is easy to lost in them. One of the goals of this course to show you how you can feel yourself confortable with this app and how you can use it the smart way.

Please prepare yourself to learn many new exciting things.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are new to Procreate
  • Students who plan to create digital art on their iPad


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