Welcome to Top 5 Tools and Techniques for Pentesting in Cyber Security Course. This course covers Top 5 Tools and approach for web application assaults and how to win bug bounties. There is no essential of earlier hacking information and you will have the option to perform web assaults and chase bugs on live sites and secure them.

This course isn’t care for other hacking or entrance testing course with obsolete vulnerabilities and just lab assaults.

This course will begin with a comprehension of each device that is utilized in the business by the specialists for Peration Testing.

This course is profoundly commonsense and is made on Tools utilized by experts in the business to give you the specific condition when you start your entering testing or bug chasing venture.

We will begin from the essentials and go till the development of the specific instrument.

This course is separated into various areas, each segment covers how to chase helplessness in a moral way.

In Nmap, We will cover what is Nmap, Installation, Firewall Bypass Techniques, and Nmap cheatsheet.

In Burpsuite, We will cover what is Burpsuite, Installation, and We will see commonsense instances of How Interception Works. We will likewise understand a CTF dependent on a realtime model utilizing burpsuite.

In Content Discovery, We will cover what is Project Discovery’s Data set for subdomains and increment the extension for Bug Bounty Hunting.

We will likewise observe apparatuses to scope development wherein we can recognize mass subdomains are alive, dead dependent on status codes, Title, and so on.

In Google Hacking Database, We will cover what is GHDB, How you can chase for delicate documents for an objective, Also you will figure out How to turn into the creator of your own Google Dork

In Shodan/Censys/Gray Noise, We will cover what is IOT Search Engines, How you can perform standard snatching, and discover helpless and obsolete servers running on the objectives. We will likewise perceive how to utilize shodan scan channels for better dynamic list.

In Github Recon, We will cover what is Github Recon both Automated and Manual Way. We will reveal touchy data from Github vaults that fall under Sensitive Data Exposure as a P1 seriousness bug.

In the Anatomy of a HTTP Request, We will cover what is a HTTP Request, What are various Headers How accomplish they work and its importance.

With this course, you get all day, every day support, so in the event that you have any inquiries you can post them in the Q&A area and we’ll react to you at the earliest opportunity.


This course is made for instructive purposes just and all the sites I have performed assaults are morally announced and fixed.

Testing any site which doesn’t have a Responsible Disclosure Policy is exploitative and illegal, the creator doesn’t hold any duty.

Who this course is for:

Anyone keen on learning site and web application hacking/infiltration testing.

Any Beginner who needs to begin with Peration Testing

Any Beginner who needs to begin with Bug Bounty

Coach who are eager to begin instructing Pentesting

Any Professional who working in Cyber Security and Pentesting

Engineers who needs to fix vulnerabilities and fabricate secure applications