In India, a normal MBA cost you in excess of 10 lakh Rupees and most of the individuals can’t manage the cost of that. I myself went through years and lakhs of Rupees on doing a MBA.

Be that as it may, I don’t need others to need the board training because of money related limitations.

This Full MBA course will cover all the ideas and information on around 30 books in the MBA taking from Marketing, Operation, money and Human asset with the combination of different stages and new patterns.

This course will assist you with developing a business system for your startup or independent venture and subsequently it is the ideal amalgamation of enterprise and startup.

This course has 6 modules and each module is exceptional in itself and pressed loaded with information.

Module 1-Marketing, Economy and Basic MBA wordings

Maslow’s pecking order of requirements

Advertising Mix for example 4P(Product, Price, Place, Promotions)

STP(Segmentation focusing on and situating.

SWOT examination and Ansoff grid

Fortune at the Bottom of the pyramid

Advertising Channels

Module 2 – Operation, Production and gracefully chain (ERP)

Producer, Wholesaler, merchant retailers, clients, and Production the executives.

How worldwide organizations do Frenchies, trade, authorizing and joint endeavor alongside Economy of Scale and Economy of extension with Sig Sigma approach.

Appropriation and gracefully chain efficiency(Warehouse/Fulfillment focus), Cross-docking and Reverse calculated, Last-mile conveyance, planogram, Sales strategy(mastery in Sales), Procurement – HUL and Coke arm arrive at system

Pull and Push Supply chain-Xiaomi Strategy and Solar Business

Evaluating procedure Price Penetration, Price Bundling, and Price Skimming

Module 3 – Digital Marketing and Online aggregators.

Computerized nearness utilizing SEO(onsite and offsite SEO)

Watchword search, Google pattern, and Target Audience

Kinds of ads(Banner advertisements, video promotions, and so forth.

Online life battles by the business investigator.

Understanding API Data Mining

Aggregators, Platform business Network impact

The plan of action canvas of new companies.

Module 4 – Product, Branding, Marketing, and Customer experience/CRM

Item Life cycle, Product line length, and expansion.

BCG network

Brand Positioning, BAV Model

Brand Extension, Line expansion, and brand Leverage

Instructions to make a business system.

Brand mantra and brand Positioning and level

Doorman Five Force, Market size, and broadening.

Proactive showcasing, cognizant parallelism/Market devotee procedure

Attacks(Flank,Position defence,preemptive,Counteroffensive assault)

Module 5 – Economics, Financial announcing investigation, and GST/Taxation.

Miniaturized scale and Macroeconomics

Government strategy and Taxation.

Budget summary examination

Outline of Balance sheet, Profit loss(Income articulation), and Cash stream explanations.

Business Valuation, Market Size, and Growth potential.

Indian assessment structure, Types of duties and GST Overview

Module 6 Startup and Entrepreneurship Basics

What is a Startup

Why our legislature is advancing the startup?

Sorts of a legitimate element like Partnership firm, Sole ownership, Limited obligation firm (LLP), Private constrained organization.

How startup raises assets from Incubators, Accelerators, Angel Investors, and Venture entrepreneurs.

Three standards to approve your thoughts? – Scalability, Market development, Investors.

Sorts of critical thinking thoughts that became unicorns? – Payment Infrastructure. – Market place business.

How to tackle basic routine issues? – Category web based business Startups

How to consider billion-dollar thoughts?

Tackling Complex issues utilizing center tech? – Traffic Surveillance System – Deep Tech In Healthcare

Module 7 – Organizational Structure and Human Resource Management.

Strategic, and Values-OYO model

Hierarchical structure, Line of order, Business investigation, and business the board.

Center skills and Strategic upper hands

Development Expansion, broadening, and M&A-Synergies

Ability securing, Appraisal, assessment Payroll, and occasion the board.

Representative strategy, maintenance, and ESOP

Who this course is for:


Business graduate

Business enterprise

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