Hello everybody! I invite all of you to my course Machine Learning Absolute Fundamentals for Linear Regression. This course is focused for Beginner Python Developers who need to launch their excursion in Machine Learning. In this course, we are going to utilize a direct relapse model from scikit-learn library in Python to foresee the complete no. of positive cases for COVID19 in a specific state in India.

In the wake of finishing this course, you’ll have the option to:

  1. Characterize Machine Learning
  2. Characterize what is a dataset
  3. Clarify what does Machine Learning do?
  4. Clarify the idea of direct relapse
  5. Clarify what is the line of best fit and cost work (MSE)
  6. Use pandas library capacities to peruse the dataset and to preprocess it
  7. Parting information for preparing and testing
  8. Make a direct relapse model utilizing sklearn and train it
  9. Assess the model and anticipate the qualities
  10. Envisioning information utilizing matplotlib

Who this course is for:

Tenderfoot Python designers who are interested about Machine Learning

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