Indeed, Python engineers are sought after !

They are additionally among the most generously compensated programming engineers today, gaining a normal pay of $150,000 per year !

The Python language is EASY to learn, yet POWERFUL.

YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, Netflix, Pinterest – they are completely evolved utilizing Python.

Learning Python opens up the conceivable outcomes of an entirely different vocation in Data Science.

The course is introduced in a simple to follow design with activity and illustrations.

I put in my absolute best to make it as straightforward as workable for EVERYONE !

There will be no tests, no tasks, no activities. These are excessively scholastic. The concentration in this course is to fortify the ideas through intriguing video introductions.

This is a hands-on course which furnishes the understudy with bit by bit direction in coding Python programs, clarifying the sentence structure and ideas driving each bit of code that is appeared. Factors, Data Structures, Algorithms, Control Structures, Functions, and Language Syntax, and then some, are completely instructed in this course.

To serve the individuals who are new to programming, there is a video on what writing computer programs is about.

This course doesn’t utilize Udemy’s auto-produced English shut subtitles. Rather, I give my own “exact” English shut inscriptions/captions.

There are no requirements for this course.

This is an establishment course in Python that doesn’t expect any information on programming.

This course DOES NOT CLAIM to show everything, similarly as no different courses can ever instruct you all that you have to think about Python.

The fundamental motivation behind this course is to guarantee understudies MASTER the basic ideas of the Python language with the goal that they will start to LOVE the language.

This course needs you to be propelled to learn Python.

Please and go along with me in my exercise …

So we should begin !

… Cheers and Happy Learning !

Who this course is for:

Any individual who needs to LEARN Python programming

Any individual who needs a REFRESHER course in Python.

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