About This Course

In the twenty-first century, the whole world has gotten limited, and open, for all the individuals living on this planet as English is utilized as a typical language despite the fact that there are a few varieties in propensities, societies, customs, areas and quirky viewpoints. The way that English has the basic characteristics, it has been acknowledged as the worldwide language more than a great many various dialects.

In this course, we will investigate the mechanics and subtleties of the various grammatical forms in English and how to utilize them to enhance our discourse and relational abilities. This English course targets people who have the essential in English, and need to clean up to pick up authority in the language.


Toward the finish of this course, members ought to have the option to:

Distinguish the eight grammatical forms of the English Language;

Comprehend the jobs that each grammatical feature plays in the English Language;

Hone his aptitudes of the mechanics of the English Language;

Expand on the establishment of the grammatical features of the English Language set by this course.

To Identify and utilize the various sorts of Nouns

To Identify and utilize the various sorts of Verbs

To Identify and utilize the various kinds of Adjectives

To Identify and Use the various sorts of Adverbs

To Identify and utilize Prepositions, Interjections, Pronouns and Conjucntions

About The Author

Name: Trevor Williams.


Dipl. in Theology (MBI);

Dipl. in Journalism (LSJ);

Cert., in Marketing;

B. A. in General Education (NCU);

M. A. ever (UWI);

P. G. Dipl., in Education and Leadership (VTDI);

PhD understudy in Education and Leadership (pending).

Who this course is for:

Fundamental English Speakers

Local English Speakers who need to become familiar with the languages

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