Welcome to “Deno course”.

Deno is another task made by Ryan Dahl (the innovator of Node.js) that means to fix Node.js configuration botches.

Deno’s top highlights:


Module framework

TypeScript support out of the crate

I think Deno is on the correct way so as to be a superior Javascript runtime than Node.js.

In this course we will manufacture a backend application utilizing Deno.js, Oak and MongoDB alongside Typescript.

We will begin with a clear content manager and end with an incredible application.

This course incorporates:

Learn fundamental highlights of Deno

Get conditions

Compose web servers utilizing Deno structures

Building backend API with Deno.js and Oak

It is a useful hands on course for building a server application utilizing amazing Deno structure.

I will attempt to clarify everything as I go so it is conceivable to follow without Deno experience yet it is suggested that you know in any event the rudiments of Javascript or found out about Node.js.

I trust you will make the most of our excursion with Deno system!

I attempted to make the course with Clear and Easy English Talking so all understudies can comprehend it well.

Who this course is for:

Anybody hoping to dispatch their own Deno applications

Changing profession title from frontend designer to fullstack engineer without large exertion

Switch vocations, or independent as a Deno designer

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