Welcome to the HTML and CSS – Certification Course for Beginners

This two-section arrangement gives a top to bottom glance at the basics of coding in HTML and CSS. We start by investigating HTML Development utilizing the absolute most ordinarily utilized labels and properties. Understudies will get familiar with the sythesis of a HTML record, and a portion of the fundamental segments. Understudies will work with HTML Spacing, Text Formatting, Lists, Images, Embedding Videos, Link Creation, Tables, and Forms. We likewise remember a hands-for venture, that sets the ideas we investigate in the course.

After the HTML Section, understudies will plunge into CSS to completely modify the appearance of their website pages. We give a broad outline of CSS traits, parts, and situating. This incorporates:

Portions of a CSS Rule

CSS Divisions


Shading Codes

Applying Borders, Backgrounds, and Styling Images

CSS Positioning, including Static, Relative, Absolute, and Fixed

CSS Z-Indexing, Styling Links, and Styling Tables.

Through a hands-on venture, understudies will likewise manufacture a completely altered, responsive site utilizing both HTML5 and CSS3.

In the event that you are not kidding about taking your coding abilities to the following level, try out this course today!

Who this course is for:

Fledgling Web Developers who need to figure out how to Code in HTML and CSS

Understudies keen on building Customized Mobile Responsive Web Pages

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