Cup is a famous Python web structure. The instructional exercises in this area are transitional to cutting edge instructional exercises that spread key parts of Flask advancement.

*Flask Framework:

Cup Web Framework, In this course, you will get familiar with the basics of web applications .so you can begin building API and create web applications utilizing Python Flask Web Framework.

The most effective method to construct Python web applications with Flask

The most effective method to utilize the Jinja layout language to make the appearance of your applications

Instructions to utilize the SQLite database to begin advancement

Instructions to utilize different databases with Flask by utilizing Flask-SQLAlchemy

Utilizing Flask to handle approaching solicitation information.

Course Overview

Jar Framework – URL Building

Jar Framework – HTTP Method

Jar Framework – Templates

Jar Framework – Static Files

Jar Framework – Request Object

Jar – Request.from Object

Jar Framework – Cookies

Jar Framework – Session Object

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

Who this course is for:

For Complete Programming Beginners

For People New to Python

For People Who need to learn Python Fundamentals and later progress into Data Science or Web Development

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