You ought to have some essential information on Android App Development utilizing Java

Tired of customary Android App Development courses? Presently its opportunity to discover some new information and inclining for Android. AI is at its pinnacle and Android App Development is likewise sought after than what is superior to realizing both?

This course is intended for Android engineers who need to learn Machine Learning and send AI models in their android applications utilizing TensorFlow Lite. In the event that you have exceptionally fundamental information on Android App advancement and need to learn Machine Learning use in Android Applications this course is for you. This course will kick you off in building your FIRST profound learning model and Android Application utilizing Java, Tensorflow Lite, and Android studio. We will find out about AI and profound learning and afterward train your first model and convey it in android application utilizing Android studio. All the materials for this course are FREE.

You needn’t bother with any earlier information on Machine Learning to begin this course. We will begin by learning

Python Programming Language

Information Science Libraries

Essentials of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Tensorflow and Tensorflow Lite

At that point we will prepare our first Machine Learning show and Develop Android Application for it utilizing Android Studio.

The course incorporates models from fundamental to progress

A basic model

Model utilizing spared model

Model utilizing solid capacity

Anticipating eco-friendliness of vehicles (Regression Example)

Perceiving written by hand digits (Classification model)

Felines and Dogs arrangement

Rock Paper and Scissors Problem

Blossoms Recognition Example

Stones Recognition Example

Natural products Recognition Example

Anticipating Fitness of an individual Practice Activity

Human and Horse Practice Activity

For every one of these models, we will right off the bat train Machine Learning model at that point fabricate Android Application

We will begin by finding out about the nuts and bolts of the Python programming language. At that point we will find out about some popular Machine Learning libraries like Numpy, Matplotlib, and Pandas. From that point onward, we will find out about Machine learning and its sorts. At that point we take a gander at Supervised learning in detail. We will attempt to get grouping and relapse through models. After we will begin Deep learning. We start by looking and the essential structure of neural systems. At that point we will comprehend the working of neural systems through a model.

At that point we will find out about the Tensorflow 2.0 library and how we can utilize it to prepare Machine Learning models. From that point onward, we will take a gander at Tensorflow light how we can change over our Machine Learning models to tflite design which will be utilized inside Android Applications. There are three different ways through which you can get a tflite record

From Keras Model

From Concrete Function

From Saved Model

We will cover all these three techniques in this course.

We will find out about Feed Forwarding, Back Propagation, and actuation capacities through a useful model. We additionally see cost work, streamlining agent, learning rate, Overfitting, and Dropout. We will likewise find out about information preprocessing strategies like One hot encoding and Data standardization.

Next, we actualize a neural system utilizing Google’s new TensorFlow library.

You should take this course If you are an Android Developer and need to become familiar with the nuts and bolts of machine learning(Deep Learning) and convey ML models in your Android applications utilizing Tensorflow light and Android Studio.

This course furnishes you with numerous handy models so you can truly perceive how you can prepare and convey AI model in android. We will utilize Android Studio for creating Android Application for models we prepared.

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