In this course you will get familiar with the most famous PHP structure CodeIgniter. We will take in everything in codeigniter from a novices level to a propelled level.

Here you will figure out how to fabricate a completely work web application without any preparation. You will figure out how to construct an EMS Web App (Employee Management System). You will likewise figure out how to have your web application on a free web worker for testing reason.

You will gain proficiency with the accompanying in this Complete CodeIgniter Course for Beginners:

MVC Framework

Essential Concepts


Working with Database


Blunder Handling

Structure Validation

Meeting Management

Normal Functions

Page Redirection

Application Profiling

Including JS and CSS

A whole lot more

Who this course is for:

Anybody hwo needs to learn CodeIgniter top to bottom

Any individual who needs to learn web advancement

Any individual who needs to construct their own web application

Any individual who needs expand their aptitudes in PHP and MySQLi

Any individual who needs to gain proficiency with OOP’s Web Development

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