This course considers the critical importance of delegation.  It takes a practical approach and gives hints and tips to help you benefit from being a great elevator.  Whether you are an established leader, a new manager, or an aspirational staff member this course is for you,  The course has been delivered internationally in the private, public and voluntary sectors to great acclaim.

Who this course is for:

  • New or aspiring Managers
  • Managers who feel overloaded
  • Those who have been told to delegate more
  • Managers who want to get more out of their team

What you’ll learn

  • The stages of leadership
  • Types of Leadership
  • What is delegation?
  • Leader and follower readiness
  • The importance of Accountability
  • Understand the need for Authority & Responsibility
  • How how to delegate efficiently
  • How to get time back through delegation
  • Avoid errors in delegation
  • Outline the need to set up and review objectives
  • Consider motivation of staff
  • How to support and develop your team

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