[100% OFF] Mastering Zoom | Hosting successful meetings

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to Zoom, a popular and well-functioning web conferencing software. The course deals with all the basic functionalities in Zoom necessary to hold a successful meeting. In addition, several tips are provided for arranging meetings and trainings as well as for activating and interacting with the participants.Mastering Zoom meeting Hosting

The course begins with basics such as signing up for Zoom, scheduling your first meeting and acting as a host in the meeting. We then move to introduce the functionalities in Zoom, including chat, annotation, polling, breakout rooms, recording and participation tracking. Also different settings and security are dealt with. Throughout the course the focus is not so much on technicalities, but on organizing successful meetings and trainings, and many useful tips are provided along the way.Mastering Zoom meeting Hosting.I worked for about 15 years as a researcher, also teaching at the university level along with my main job. For the past 5 years now I have worked as the Head of Training in a non-governmental organisation, being responsible also for online training in adult education. As a side-job, I work in my own company that specializes in gamified team development, done mostly online.

Who this course is for:

  • Team leaders
  • Event organizers
  • Association leaders
  • Trainers and educators
  • All others who need to host an online meeting or training

What you’ll learn

  • What can Zoom be used for
  • Hosting a Zoom meeting – technical bits
  • Hosting a Zoom meeting – tips for hosting
  • Interacting with your audience in Zoom
  • Zoom settings
  • Zoom security
  • Add-ons to widen your possibilities

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